2021 | Issue 18 - 3 December / Դեկտեմբեր

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Christmas Concert & Graduation - LiveStream!

Once again, the time has arrived for our annual Christmas Concert and the time to farewell our Graduates. For over 30 Years, at this tranquil bush setting in Duffys Forest, we have proudly produced many fine, well rounded and well-educated graduates. Once again, this will be done with a unique student production and a live broadcast on our YouTube channel. The details are as follows:

‘Christmas Production & Graduation’ | Sunday, 5 December 2021 - LiveStream from 4.00pm

    • Prep - Year 6 | Christmas Production - Getting Ready for a Christmas Concert

    • Years 5 & 6 | Graduation Ceremony

Prep to Year 4 students, parents and the wider community will be able to join and watch the ‘Live Stream’ from home.

Only students of Years 5 & 6, and their immediate families have been invited to the Gemjian Hall.

Please find HERE the link to the live stream. If you experience any issues with the link. You can also search the school’s channel on YouTube by typing ‘AGBUAPS’.

Kindergarten & Preparatory Graduation - LiveStream!

Similar to our Year 6 Graduation, the Prep and Kindy graduation ceremonies will also be a live stream event. They will be held on Tuesday, 7 December for Kindergarten and Wednesday, 8 December for Preparatory. The special student assembly will be broadcast from 2pm, giving parents and the wider community the opportunity to watch the ‘Live Stream’ from home.

    • Kindergarten Graduation | Tuesday, 7 December - LiveStream from 2.00pm

    • Preparatory Graduation | Wednesday, 8 December - LiveStream from 2.00pm

Party Day & Talent Show!

On the last day of school - Thursday, 9 December we all look forward to a great Party Day, to treat ourselves after a long year of hard work. We are also excited about the Talent Show, which promises to be the best ever!

Party day is also a MUFTI DAY so students can wear fun, sensible party clothes. Please remember, that our Mufti Day Dress Code will apply as usual. Students will need a hat and a school bag to help carry books home.

The school will provide the party food and drinks for all the students. Please fill in the entry form (to be emailed to the parents early next week) if you want your child/ren to take part in the Talent Show. All participants must have an entry form completed by their parents.

We are all looking forward to a fun afternoon!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all parents and friends for your support of the school this year. May your Christmas Season be peaceful and happy, and may the New Year bring nothing but good news to you and your family!

Student Yearly Reports

Yearly reports go home this afternoon. Please discuss them with your child but don’t ask them to explain the reports. There are many aspects of the reports which are expressed in adult language and the children are not privy to the meaning of this language. I hope you are happy with the progress they have made this year.

Manoug Demirjian

Coming Up...

Dates to Remember

03/12/21 Sports Carnival 2021

Student Yearly Reports - Sent Home

05/12/21 Christmas Concert & Graduation - LiveStream

07/12/21 Kindergarten Graduation - LiveStream

08/12/21 Preparatory Graduation - LiveStream

09/12/21 Last Day Term 4 for Students

10/12/12 Staff Planning Day

Honour Awards

List continued.... Congratulations to all the recipients!

Adriana B.

Karoun D.

Vardan S.

Ara T.

Ara V.

Nicholas A.

Nareg B.

Davit K.

Sossi M.

Lori M.

Levon P.

Dro S.

Sarkis D.

Gohar H.

Elena J.

Sophia U.

Leah B.

Lia G.

Harout K.

Zareh V.

Michael A.

Sirag K.

Kris K.

Lio S.

Khloe U.

Berj T.

Teachers' Awards

Year 5/6: Khloe U. | Martin A. | Berj T. | Cristian H. | Adelin G. | Sargis | Lara B.

Year 3/4: Sevana B. | Dzila M. | Lara G. | David Kh. | Michael A. | Lucas D. | Sofia J. | Sirag K. | Kris Kh. | Anthony K. | Razmik K. | Daniel L. | Peter T. | Lio S.

Year 1/2: Elene J. | Leah B. | Lia G. | Zareh V. | Harout K. | Ava G. | Lara E. | Zareh V. | Harout K. | Gohar H. | Anna D. | Victoria Kh. | Sarkis D. | Christopher W. | Scarlett H. | Clementine H. | Sophia U. | Luca S.

Kindergarten: Nicholas A. | Nareg B. | Sophia F. | Sossi M. | Levon P. | Davit K.

Preparatory: Ara T. | Karoun D. | Ara V. | Vardan S. | Adriana B. | Aden N.

Remember 10 Encouragement Awards = Teacher’s Award

Armenian Student Fund

Report for Term 4

8 Points - Masis $3.60

6 Points - Sevan $2.10

4 Points - Sevan $0.00

Week 5 Total: $5.70

8 Points - Sevan $8.10

6 Points - Yerevan $3.60

4 Points - Masis $2.70

Week 6 Total: $14.40

8 Points - Masis $6.20

6 Points - Sevan $3.95

4 Points - Yerevan $3.20

Week 7 Total: $13.35

8 Points - Sevan $8.75

6 Points - Masis $4.40

4 Points - Yerevan $3.30

Week 8 Total: $16.45

Accumulated: $276.85

Birthdays of the Month

Happy Birthday to…
Aleks G. | Berj T. | Karoun D. | Razmik S.

New Teaching Position:

TEACHER - PRIMARY SCHOOL (Follow the link on SEEK)


A.G.B.U. ALEXANDER PRIMARY SCHOOL - 2 Namba Road, Duffys Forest NSW 2084

P-6 bilingual English & Armenian Christian school with strong community values.

A part-time (0.8) teaching position over 5 days a week. The temporary position to be reviewed at the end of the year with the possibility of extension.

The successful applicant will be enthusiastic and innovative, an excellent communicator who can work well with a small team of teachers and parents, committed to pastoral care and willing to contribute actively to the full life of the school and supportive of its Christian ethos.

Applications, including curriculum vitae and at least three references/referees to the principal:

Mr Manoug Demirjian |

Tel: 9486 3266

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