2021 | Issue 10 - 11 June / Յունիս

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Defibrillator Delivered on 'Heart Smart' Day

During our “Heart Smart Day”, Alexander School was presented with its first ever AED Defibrillator by Guy Leech, former Australian World Surf Lifesaving Champion and current CEO of 'Heart180'.

During the special assembly, our celebrity guest was welcomed to explain the reason why it was important to have this machine and how it could save lives. The unfortunate reality is that in Australia, around 30,000 people suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) each year. Only around 6% of these people survive, because there wasn’t a defibrillator close by – if you can get a defib on the patient in the first three minutes you increase the chance of survival to over 70%!

The students were also educated on the importance of keeping a healthy heart, with exercise and healthy eating habits. They were provided with a complimentary healthy morning tea, lunch and after lunch treat on the day, thanks to the support of our parents and canteen coordinators.

Nearly a year after the passing of my brother Raffi from a SCA, it was humbling and touching to help join the mission of Guy Leech, by helping spread this message in the school community.

"My mission now is to help people become Heart Smart by making sure that we have defibs available, and people are trained in how to use them confidently in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The reality is we can get the defib on the patient in the first 180 Seconds, to give them their best chance of living." G. Leech

While we hope that we will never have the need or use a defibrillator, it is also extremely important to have a safe and resilient school, knowing that in an emergency we are well prepared. At Alexander School, all members of staff are trained to use a defibrillator as part of our annual CPR and First Aid training.

Debating Competition: 2 Debates = 2 Wins!

The Year 5/6 Debating Team have made an excellent start to this year's Interschool Debating Competition by producing two wins from two debates. Following the Debating Workshop held at the Sydney Japanese School earlier this term, the debaters have been preparing their arguments and working on their presentation as a team, to ensure collaboration and confidence.

During the first round, the Alexander debaters were able to successfully argue that 'Books are better than movies', against the German International school. The second round of debates were held at the German school this week, and once again the Alexander debaters were able to produce a win, as the negative team for the topic 'School uniforms are better than casual clothes at school'. This time they were able to record a win against the Japanese school.

We wish them continued success and development of their skills as the competition continues. Well done on your achievements so far!

Asia Studies Day & Assembly

On the last Thursday of this term, during our assembly, we will see the culmination of our Asian Studies. We will have a special ‘Asia Studies Day Assembly’ and hope to share some of the knowledge gained by Prep to Year 6 about China, India, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I would like to take this opportunity and welcome our parents to the assembly, which will start after the students are served delicious Asian food during lunch time. Parents are welcome to join from 1.30pm.

Invitation: Asia Studies Day Assembly - Thursday 24th June, 2021 from 1.30pm.

See you back refreshed on Tuesday!

Manoug Demirjian

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